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Areas of special interest:
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Areas of special interest:

Pathomechanistic Evaluation of latent TGF-β binding protein 4

Investigation of the clinical significance and pathogenetic role of LTBP-4 in cancer progression and connective tissue diseases and developmental disorders.

Cancer progression:

Specific interest includes expression analysis of LTBP-4 in multiple human tumor samples, gene expression profiling of neoplastic epithelial tissues from LTBP-4 knock out mice, analysis of epithelial cancer cells for deletions in the LTBP-4 locus and for methylations of the LTBP-4 promoter region, and mutation screen of LTBP-4 transcripts expressed in epithelial cancer cells.

Connective tissue diseases and developmental disorders:

Previous studies suggest that LTBP-4 is a chaperone of TGF-β, and influences TGF-β signalling but also has a relevant function as a structural element of the extra cellular matrix.
Our aim is to distinguish between LTBP-4-dependent and TGF-β-dependent effects in in vitro and in vivo models.