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Experimentelle Medizin, Ostmerheimer Str. 200
(auf dem Gelände des Krankenhauses Merheim)
Haus 37, 51109 Köln

The Center for Experimental Medicine (CEM)

The mission of the CEM embraces the concept of “One Medicine” through interdisciplinary comparative medical research, and animal model development. Its research mission is to investigate the pathogenesis of human diseases and the potential of new therapies using experimental animal models. Faculty expertise in integrative biology and animal model development provides validation and collaborative support to the scientific community of the Uniklinik Köln.
Further goals of the CEM are the contribution to high quality basic and translational and exploratory research and development (both innovative and service oriented) in a large spectrum of disorders in cooperation with the Uniklinik Köln based specialties. Additional goals are:  

  • To investigate and improve the performance of surgical procedures, devices and substances to achieve more effective patient treatment.
  • To foster a close relationship with the medical community of the Uniklinik Köln, the University of Cologne, the MPI and the CECAD to achieve more effective technology transfer and patient treatment.
  • To provide a research environment and support career development for clinicians.
The Mission of the Center for Experimental Medicine embraces the concept of "One Medicine" through interdisciplinary medical research.