Histopathology Core Unit (HCU)

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Histopathology Core Unit, Center for Experimental Medicine, Uniklinik Köln
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Histopathology Core Unit, Center for Experimental Medicine, Uniklinik Köln

Mission, Vision and Values:

Tissue analysis is critical to validation and evaluation of in vivo models of human cancer, infectious, metabolic, and toxic diseases and serves as the "operating system" for translational research. The Histopathology Core Unit (HCU), a new entity created by consolidating histopathological expertise into a single core unit  and supplies consultative and interpretive pathology services that provide high-quality analysis of tissues obtained from experimental systems in diverse organisms.
The Histopathology Core Unit provides professional and technical research pathology services to Medical School and ZMMK investigators working in diverse organisms, including a variety of species. The Core also assists in experimental design and the development and interpretation of tests and their results.
The Histopathology Core Unit provides a comprehensive set of tissue-based tests and diagnostic services and pairs investigators with pathologists with subspecialty expertise in specific areas. If projects involve diseases or pathologic states outside of the expertise of Core-associated pathologists, the Core actively seeks out pathologists with such expertise to act as collaborators.

The Experimental Pathology shared Core Facilities provide services for the microscopic analysis of tissues for clinical as well as experimental in vivo model studies.
In addition to standard tissue processing, embedding, and cryosectioning, extensive immunohistochemical services for both in vivo and in vitro studies requiring special histochemical and immunohistochemical staining are available.

The Core processes fixed human tissues, generating stained or unstained slides,
necropsies, dissection and tissue processing  as well as  preparation  of frozen sections and customized services.